The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers
TOOOL Equipment

Having the right tools and hardware is an essential part of learning to master lockpicking and understand the ins and outs of physical security hardware. TOOOL is not a retail organization, and while we are happy to recommend certain products, we will typically point you in the direction of specialized vendors for most of your lockpicking needs. However, we do produce and sell a small number of specialized items that do not tend to be available elsewhere.

Just a reminder: TOOOL is a volunteer-based organisation, not an established retail operation with loads of employees. While you can always rest assured that your purchase here will go 100% toward the sportpicking community, please understand that orders are packed and shipped only once a week or so. When TOOOL volunteers are tied up with appearances at conferences, science fairs, and other similar events, this can lead to delays in order shipping. We will always do our best to get things out as soon as possible, but we can't be as fast as typical high-sales operations. We thank you for your understanding and your support.

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, or TOOOL, is an international group of lockpicking enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the general public knowledge about locks and lockpicking through teaching, research, and competition. TOOOL in the United States is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with Chapters in more than 20 states, including affiliated Chapters in Canada.